Come and enjoy a free pancake under the Gazebo outside St Francis Church 

All invited, just turn up!   

Tuesday 5th March 4:30 to 6 pm 

St Francis Church, 

226 Hollow Way, OX3 7JF


Core values: Prayer is conversation with God in which we speak from our hearts and listen to God’s by the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a central element of life in the parish of Cowley. Nothing will happen without prayer

Bible: God has spoken to his people and to the world through the Bible. It contains basic instructions for life and is an essential element in knowing God and learning to live a life worth living.

Community: We are called to live in community. We are called to serve one another, to be an encouragement to those who are having a hard time, to sing and laugh and cry together in the journey of life. We are called to be brothers and sister in our lives together.